Be a healthy Easter feaster


Easter is probably the holiday with the most sweet temptations, which causes even the healthiest person to over-indulge in the hard-to-resist array of chocolate eggs, chocolate bunnies and other treats on offer. It’s just chocolate wherever you look, really. Contrary to popular belief, however, it is possible to maintain a healthy lifestyle and not end up in a sugar-induced coma. Yes, we thought it best to compile a few remorse-free tips to help you cope:

1. Preparation is key.

Decide how you would like Easter to go – do you want to avoid sweet treats altogether? Do you want to indulge in healthier options and keep your sweet tooth in check? Knowing what you want, knowing why you want it and knowing what fears may arise puts you in a place of control and helps with keeping you accountable.

2. Know your potential pitfalls.

Are there any situations that will likely cause problems? Are you surrounded by chocolate in your office or home? Are you attending functions where you may be faced with some peer pressure to eat things you don’t want to? Knowing what the potential hazards are, puts you in control.

3. At home

If you find it hard to resist sweet treats when they are in front of you, don’t get them in the first place (way harsh, I know!). Or if you have to have them around the house for other people, keep them out of view (out of sight out of mind?).  If you’ve got the Easter eggs, chocolates or hot cross buns on tables or counter tops it’ll be easier to give in to temptation and/or eat mindlessly.

4. In the office

If the sweets at reception or in the kitchen are calling out to you, avoid those areas like the plague. Go to work with your own healthy treats or even better yet, bring some in for the whole office to share. If you don’t feel deprived you are better equipped to turn down the junk on offer. Staying hydrated and having proper meals will also help regulate blood sugar levels and hopefully reduce the afternoon slump and cravings that can have you caving.

5. Alternative Easter Gifts

Instead of opting for the chocolate Easter eggs, maybe you can ask other people to get you alternative Easter gifts such as flowers, a candle, herbal teas or a donation to your favourite charity for example. We have many ideas for you to prepare Easter wellness baskets. This can be a great idea for kids too, as you can fill the baskets with vitamin gummies, art supplies, books, games, etc.

6. Healthier Easter Treats

So if you do want to indulge in some treats, pop in to see the healthier options we have on special this month. We also recommend smaller dark chocolate treats, which are much healthier in limited quantities. Raw cacao is also a great option (e.g. cacao eggs, cacao covered mulberries, chocolate avocado mousse).  Or what about dark chocolate covered organic nuts?

And if you don’t fancy or can’t have chocolate there are many other options too, such as sugar-free candy, fat-free jellies, or make your own easter eggs from carob, coconut milk or yogurt.

Don’t Sweat It

When you are overstressed, you’re more likely to cave into cravings and over-indulge in less healthy choices. If you are feeling the pressure, try to find ways to unwind that don’t include food, such as a bubble bath, a manicure, a hug, going for a walk, a meditation, letting go of the ‘should haves’ and the need to perform. Be kind to yourself – it may just be the best Easter treat you can allow yourself to enjoy!

Happy health fest, honey Bunny! Remember to hop over soon for our unbeatable Easter health deals.