Bone Density Testing


Don’t fall victim to the “Silent Disease” – early detection is half the battle won!

Osteoporosis threatens the quality of life of millions of people worldwide. Early assessment and ongoing monitoring are key to better patient management, resulting in improved morbidity and reduced mortality. At our Tyger Valley Pharmacy, you can book a 30-minute session for a rapid, radiation-free osteoporosis assessment. It is known as the Ultimate Screening and Monitoring Solution for Osteoporosis and used by leading Physicians around the world.

Thousands of global installations and millions of scans have demonstrated the products’ efficacy and wide acceptance by the medical community. This Multi-site Measurement technique is unique in its ability to measure at multiple skeletal sites providing a fuller clinical picture. Multi-site measurement enables flexibility in assessing patients who cannot be scanned at a particular skeletal site. It also offers advantages for patient follow-up, enabling identification and monitoring of small changes in different skeletal sites.

All relevant information is presented immediately in a detailed report enabling immediate diagnosis, prescription and/or referral. Reports are colour-coded with WHO-compliant T-score and Z-score results and saved in the system, making it easy to see individual patients’ results history and to modify treatment plans.

This pain-free test, using ultrasound technology, costs R350.00 and is covered by most medical aids. The test has been approved in the USA, Canada, UK, entire EU, Australia, Israel and many other countries around the world. For more details on the test, you are welcome to call Colin Owen on 082 557 2872.


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