Give yourself the perfect DIY pedicure

Whether you need a day of pampering or to soften up your callused feet, giving yourself a pedicure is so easy to do at home. Just follow our easy steps to get your feet looking fabulous all year round.

  • Remove any pre-existing nail polish with nail polish remover.
  • Fill a bowl with warm water and add a reviving foot soak or some moisturising oils which will help strengthen and whiten your nails. Soak feet for 10 minutes. If you can lay your hands on some marbles, pop them in the bowl and roll your feet back and forth over them for a blissful DIY massage!
  • Clip and file your nails. Push back the cuticles, if desired, and apply a cuticle oil.
  • Scrub callouses away with a pumice stone and buff feet when dry, not wet to really shift dead skin. Use a sturdy foot file and focus on the heels, balls of your feet and edges of your toes.
  • Massage feet briskly with a foot scrub to get rid of the last dregs of dead skin, then rinse.
  • Dry your feet. Wipe your nails down with nail polish remover.

After these easy preparation steps, you are ready to apply the base coat, nail polish and top coat.

  • Add your base coat. 
    • Use a clear nail polish as a protective base coat on all your toenails. This will prevent your nail polish from yellowing your toenails, as well as give your lacquer a solid base to stick to.
  • Apply your colour of choice. 
    • Select a nail polish colour, and paint each of your toenails. Start in the centre of the nail near the cuticle, and use long brushstrokes towards the tip of each nail to fill in the colour. Work from the centre outwards until all your nails are filled in, using a fingernail or the edge of an orange stick to wipe off any polish that might have mistakenly gotten on your skin. You may need to add two coats of polish in order to get an even and bright layer.
  • Finish your nails
    • Wait a few minutes for your polish to dry, and then add a clear top coat. This will set your polish in place, and help it to last longer without chipping. Protect your feet for 10 to 15 minutes while the polish completely dries. Test the polish with your finger to see if it is still tacky. If your nails are totally smooth to the touch and doesn’t smear under pressure, you’re finished!

We highly recommend these products for the perfect pedi at home:

  • Morgan Taylor Nail Polishes and Treatments
  • Chrisnail Nail Treatments
  • Tip Top Pedi Files
  • Eulactol Heel Balm
  • Hydra Heel Balm

For more information on feet and nail care or overall beauty please consult Riana at Durbell Palm Grove Pharmacy on 021-975 6570 or any of our Cosmetic consultants on 0861-PHARMACY.