Never lose track with Blister Pack

If you’re spending a lot of time counting out pills and trying to remember when to take what, where and at what time, then look no further than your nearest Durbell Pharmacy! Our revolutionary Blister Packing Service, pre-packs all your chronic medication for you, into individual doses as prescribed by your physician. Can you imagine simply popping a blister to get everything you need at any given time? Apart from the obvious benefits of ease and convenience, this service ensures greater accuracy, better time management, one port of call for all medication queries and orders, images of tablets with descriptions on all labeling, and the list goes on.

Blister packing takes care of all the dose-by-date dispensing of medicines, by qualified staff in a controlled environment, to ensure complete accuracy. Our blister centre, located at Blomtuin, Bellville, takes care of most of the administration around your prescriptions, and delivers blister packs to you on a weekly or monthly basis. We even pre-pack medication you did not buy at Durbell Pharmacy, for you. So, sign up at your nearest Durbell Pharmacy today. For only R120.00 per month, you won’t find a better life-saving service anywhere else.

To prove it, we’ve included a testimonial from to Medical Sisters at Meerenbosch Care Unit:

We have been making use of the Blister Packing medication system for a considerable time. Every day we notice how it has changed, not only our lives as Nursing staff, but also the lives of our residents that we look after. We are finally able to give them so much more quality time, and attention making our work so much more enjoyable, and their time here with us more meaningful. Before this great invention we had to spend hours in a room, counting and putting out the medication twice a week.

However, because of the Blister Packing Service, we are able to do the work we were trained for, which means caring for and loving our residents.

Regards, Sr Jacqui & Sr Yvonne”

Contact or Blister Packing Service, located in Blomtuin, Bellville on 021-919 9778 / 021-910 1528 or e-mail us at: