Prevention is always better than cure!

Cold and flu season is upon us. The best way to stay healthy is to be prepared. Here are 10 tips to boost your immune system and keep you fighting fit throughout winter:

  1. Drink the optimal amount of water. During the winter season, it’s more important than ever to consume the right amount of water for your health.
  2. Keep stress to a minimum. Minimize your stress by working reasonable hours at your job. Aim for at least one night per week to spend with friends and family. Use Bach Flower Remedies to bring your emotional health back into balance.
  3. Eat a healthy diet. Maintaining a good healthy diet full of fresh fruits and vegetables and minimal amounts of organic meats is another way to keep your body clean and in good working order. Try eating an extra piece of fruit or veggies every day too!
  4. Do your homework to find the best supplement for your health. Even if you eat “perfectly” all the time, you still need to boost your nutrition with a supplement. Your lifestyle determines what supplements you need. For winter, however, Essential Oils are a must-have to protect yourself and help your immune system. There are a variety of essential oils that have been found to be highly effective against airborne bacteria. They do tend to strengthen your body, boost your immune system and help you overcome colds and flu.
  5. Exercise regularly. It is important to exercise regularly, even if only for 15 minutes a day! Get out and take a short walk and enjoy the cooler weather.
  6. Get the right amount of sleep every night. The average person needs 6-8 hours of sleep per night. If you’re not getting enough sleep, your body is extremely vulnerable to illness. Sleep recharges your batteries! You’ve got to do it to keep the machine running.
  7. Wash your hands regularly. Keep the bacteria and viruses off your hands and out of your mouth and eyes. Keep a bottle of hand sanitizer close-by for those instances where you can’t get to soap and water.
  8. Don’t smoke. Most people know this, but it is worth emphasizing that smoking significantly weakens your immune system. If you want to quit and have tried everything else, try our Stop Smoking Clinic. They have some nutritional recommendations that can help you quit!
  9. Eliminate all forms of sugar. This includes not only the obvious kinds (cake, cookies and sweets, in general), but bread, pasta, rice, yogurt and commercial store-bought fruit juices. Although all of these items contain different types of sugars, your body still converts them to sugar, which will compromise your immune system.
  10. Despite your best efforts, you still can feel like you’re “coming down with something.” Here are some tips to help your body recover faster:
    • Eliminate all dairy products.
    • Eliminate all alcohol.
    • Eliminate all grains (bread, rice, pasta, etc.).
    • Boost your Vitamin C (with bioflavanoids) intake when you initially feel something coming on.
    • Boost your intake of Zinc.
    • Increase water consumption (even more than normal!).
    • Eat less food as this will give your body a much needed rest from digestion and give it a chance to concentrate on fighting off potential invaders.
    • Add herbs like Echinacea, Goldenseal and Grapefruit Seed Extract to your supplemental regime.
    • Get more rest than usual. If you normally get 6 hours of sleep a night, try increasing it to 7 or 8.
    • Increase the recommended supplementation above.

Giving your system the necessary boost to stay well is the best thing you can do for body, mind and soul. You are sure to reap the benefits every day and enjoy winter a whole lot more.

Speak to our Pharmacists or Nutritionists if you have specific questions regarding a health issue or need help with selecting the most beneficial supplements for you. We are determined to help you get well, feel well and stay well this winter. And there’s no time like the present to give it your best shot!