Turning over a new leaf

Every new year brings ample new opportunities for change, challenges, fresh starts, new journeys, new victories. That’s what it means – out with the old and in with the new. In reflecting back on past years, past mistakes, past conquests and past successes, we can take many lessons with us. No baggage, just wisdom. No hurts, just experiences. No failures, just insights. So let’s attempt to adopt new, better ways of sticking to new, better principles.

First and foremost, if you’re not ready to start now, it probably won’t happen and you won’t achieve your goals. Because it really is now or never. By starting with a few external changes, which tend to be more visible, and therefore more instantly gratifying, you should also be encouraged to proceed with any internal changes you may want to incorporate.

So let’s kick off with 12 beauty tips for the New Year, to ensure a revived image and ignited spirit.

  1. Never go without your sun protection even in winter. Always protect your skin from the harmful effects of the sun and slap on at least a SPF30+.
  2. Dare to be different and beautiful – Revive your look, unleash your inner beauty and be bold with some red lips, a hair piece or glamorous nails.
  3. Upgrade your regimen – Set aside some time and visit one of our beauty consultants or skincare specialists to find out what beauty routine you need for your age. Ageing often requires different products at different times, so find out if you’re using the best options for your skin.
  4. Give your hair a break – Make sure you get regular trims, do weekly deep-conditioning treatments and give your hair a break from the blow dryer when possible.
  5. Cut the bad habits – stop smoking and drink less alcohol, as it can lead to wrinkles and dehydrated skin which can contribute to premature ageing.
  6. Stop picking – Don’t ever pick your cuticles, mascara off your eyelashes, or pimples. Picking can damage the skin and can also cause scarring.
  7. Get your beauty sleep – Sleep is very important as your skin recovers during this process. Always opt for 7-8 hours sleep if you want to look and feel beautiful.
  8. Change your fragrance – Feel fresh and rejuvenated with a new summer fragrance to uplift your mood
  9. Give yourself a break – Spoil yourself once a week with a relaxing face mask, eye mask, body scrub, foot soak or whatever you think may impact your day the most.
  10. Book a facial – Treat yourself to a relaxing facial once in a while.
  11. Replace your Mascara every three months – Old Mascara can leave your eyes flaky, dry and irritated.
  12. Always go to bed with a clean face – Never sleep with make-up, this can clog your pores and dehydrate and irritate your skin.

This list may seem simple to you and even familiar, but never underestimate the power of good habits and flawless routines. If you adhere to every point, we guarantee you’ll feel and see a difference in no time.

We have also compiled a list of highly-recommended products to help you achieve greater results:

  • Vichy sun products
  • Bvlgari and Issey Miyake fragrances
  • Clarins wonder perfect Mascara and make-up products
  • Elizabeth Arden All gone make-up remover
  • Payot Skin Care products

For more information on overall skincare, please consult any of our skincare experts, or contact Jeanette directly, at our Durbell Tyger Valley branch on (021) 914-1777. Your skin and skincare regimen should be as unique as you are, so get the best advice for the best results.

May 2016 be your most beautiful year to date and may you never underestimate the power of a positive outlook.